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BizzyBee: Virtual assistant services, UK.

On the hunt for a virtual assistant to save you time, energy and money? Focus on the tasks that you dreamed of when you launched your business, and leave the rest to me. Wondering what I can do for you? Here’s everything I can do to make your life stress-free.

Online media management

Nowadays, every business needs a sturdy, unique online presence. We’re living in the age of the internet. But keeping on top of the endless list is draining. And when you’re drained, your creativity levels can plummet. Working with me means you can focus on your creative tasks while I:

🐝 Create social media content calendars that's bespoke to your brand. You’ll get prompts, visuals, and a list of “special days”. Creativity Day, for example, is something you’re gonna want to celebrate.

🐝 Launch your social media profile(s).

🐝 Monitor your social media pages or groups.

🐝 Schedule your social media content in advance.

🐝 Create graphics (I’m talking: banners, posts, and sourcing images) for your content.

🐝 Respond to DMs and enquiries you receive on social.

🐝 Upload and schedule blog posts to your website.


Sound good?

Customer service

A brand buzzes or bumbles depending on the level of their customer service. Don’t let a lack of time clip your wings. Clear the runway and get ready to soar while I:

🚀 Respond to potential leads via phone or email.

🚀 Return phone calls you may have missed.

🚀 Troubleshoot customer problems and handle complaints.

🚀 Keep track of positive and negative feedback, highlighting patterns so your brand can consistently improve.

🚀 Reply to Google reviews so every poster feels valued, whether the feedback is positive, neutral, or negative.

🚀 Follow up with clients or customers who have been off-boarded to make sure they feel valued and considered, even after parting with their money.


Ready to level up your brand with flawless customer service and save time?

General admin

Day-to-day life as a creative business owner can be a lot. There’s so many tasks to tick off your to-do list that overwhelm is constantly lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce. Cast that dreaded shadow aside and let me support you with general admin. I’ll:

🖇 Organise and manage your diary and calendar. Appointments will be made for you, and you’ll be notified with a “ding!” sound as it zooms into your inbox.

🖇 Project management. Your growing business means a growing clientele. And that usually results in a pretty big to-do list. Don’t allow your projects to run away with you. I’ll help prioritise tasks and draw up daily or weekly schedules to keep you on track.

🖇 Data entry. It’s probably the most repetitive, dull, and draining task for you. For me, though, it’s quite the opposite. I’ll crunch your numbers and do so happily, allowing you to focus on your creative tasks.

🖇 Sort out the cloud ☁. If you were to take a peek at your cloud storage, it’s likely to be all jumbled up. I’ll organise it so you never lose a document again.

🖇 Create documents, templates and forms on your chosen platform with your branding.

🖇 Arrange collection and delivery of your products to buyers. Knowing every buyer will have what they paid for means happy customers, repeat business, and zero stress on your part.

Doing everything yourself may have worked at the beginning. But your brand is growing. So, don’t suffer in silence. Let me help with your day-to-day admin.

Email management

Where would we be without email? It’s a fundamental part of being a business owner. But they can suck up your hours big time. Working with me means that your inbox will get a little TLC. Well. A lot of TLC. I’ll:

💌 Give your email inbox a spa day - combing through your hundreds of unread emails and popping them into specific folders and allocating tags.

💌 Set up contact lists and target groups for more bespoke messaging, (which is proven to boost conversion).

💌 Format, configure, and schedule your automated email sequences and newsletters.

💌 Spray your inbox with my custom Spam-Be-Gone solution, and unsubscribe from redundant subscriptions. (You know, the one you signed up for 5 years ago and have opened one email since? Yeah. Those.)

💌 Create, design, and send online cards. Show buyer loyalty with thank you and invitation cards that scream out your brand.


Email has been proven to be the number 1 source of sales. So, can you risk getting it wrong? With your never ending to-do list, it’s impossible to give your emails the attention they deserve. So, ready to book your inbox in for a well-deserved spa day?

Market, product, and competitor research

When’s the last time you did any research? You know how important it is, but research seems to slip down your to-do list like it’s laced with grease. Spray away that grease and let me help with your research. I’ll help with your:

❓ Subject research and fact-checking. We can always learn more. Even if you’re a pro. 

❓Project and product research. Got a client outside of your subject specialism? Don’t panic. I’ll research the topic in depth for you and send you keynotes.

❓ Hashtag research. Hashtags can be a vortex of confusion, can’t they? I’ll research your hashtags and send you a selection of hashtags that's perfect for your brand, audience, and content pillars.

❓Travel and event research. Heading to a networking event? Need to travel for business growth? Whether you need train tickets or plane tickets, I’m here to make it easy. Just turn up, and leave the details to me.

❓Keyword research. The most befuddling concept that ever existed: SEO. But the truth is, you can’t rank without it. Take back hours of confusion, frustration, and boredom, and let me do your keyword research for you.

❓Pricing research. One of the trickiest components of being a creative business owner is pricing your services or products. I’ll research your competitors and spot pricing patterns, delivering a go-ahead green range. Knowing your pricing wasn’t plucked out of thin air and is backed with data allows you to steam ahead with confidence. Never second guess your price tag again.

❓Branding or rebranding research. Your brand is a direct representation of your business as a whole. Get it right, and let me do the research for you.


De-grease that slippery research task and leave it to me.

Lifestyle management

If the services above aren’t the sweetest type of nectar, and you’re looking for timesaving help that allows you to make memories with the people that matter, lifestyle management is for you.

🏡 Home admin tasks, like sorting out that cupboard you’ve locked because of the mess. Or combing through your electricity bills to make sure they’re all valid. Whatever you need at home, I can help.

🏡 Party planning. While some dread the organisation of a big event, I make the most out of whatever size budget you have, plan and organise something you’ll never forget for all the right reasons.

🏡 Gift and card sourcing, buying, and delivering. If you’re not big on present-giving and you’d rather someone else take charge, you’re in the right place. I make sure your gift shows your thoughtfulness, meets your budget, and will be adored by the recipient.

🏡 Photograph organisation. There’s nothing quite like having printed out photographs, is there? Despite all the technology we have to store our photos, having them in print makes them special and irreplaceable. I’ll sort through your photos and ensure they’re organised, so when you get out the photo albums, you’ll know where to find the exact moment (or person) you’re looking for.

🏡 Synchronise your work and home diary. Double booking is a thing of the past. Know, with 100% certainty, when you’re free for socialising or a day to yourself without worrying about potential meetings.


Scrambled should be for eggs. Not for heads. I’l help you restore peace to your household and free-up your time to do the things with the people that matter most.

Virtual assistant services: packages and pricing

Ready to win your time back? With 3 packages to choose from, BizzyBee’s here to free up your schedule, enhance productivity, and super-charge your creativity. Suited to your brand, your lifestyle, and your budget - take a look at the packages.


The Worker Bee Package
Pay as you GROW

If you need loose ends tied up and you just want a second pair of hands for the fiddly tasks, a pay-as-you-go package is the best fit for you.


With a minimum of 2 hours, you can clear your mounting to-do list and more.


Put aside £30 per month at the least, and you’ll be amazed at how much can be done in 60 minutes.


No tie-in fees or contracts.


You’re free to use my services as much or as little for as long as you’d like.

The Honey Package

6 Month Retainer

Know the tasks you want to get rid of? The honey package is a fixed 6-month retainer.


You’ll make a payment at the start of the month, which revolves around the number of hours we’ll have agreed on during our free call.


By buying a retainer, you are given priority and a guarantee of availability for those hours every month

The Queen Bee Package

where it’s all about you

The Queen Bee package is fit for royalty - obviously.

And it’s completely bespoke to you, your lifestyle, and your brand’s needs.

It’s all about helping you stretch your wings, learn to fly, and take your brand’s place as Queen in the hive.


I’ll help you with projects and tasks of all shapes and sizes. This package is shaped around you.


We’ll have a chat on our free call and shape a VA package to suit you and your budget.

Got questions?

Finding your virtual assistant is no easy task. You need to make sure you’re picking the right one. A virtual assistant that matches your energy, enthusiasm, and drive. So, why not buzz around a little more and explore the BizzyBee site?

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