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Erin from Bizzy Bee has been a real lifesaver; in fact, I wish I had met her sooner.

As a one-woman band, it's often difficult for me to have eyes on every aspect of my business. Erin has changed this and has become the second pair of eyes and hands that I need to keep me on track, speed up processes, and get back to doing the more creative tasks within my business.

Before I felt overworked, bogged down in my email inbox and behind on everyday tasks within my business. Since Erin has come aboard, I feel like I have someone to lean on and I know she's always there to take stuff off my plate and take the pressure off.

I feel so much lighter, thank you, Erin.

Courtney Farrow - Copywriter

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Erin has provided an amazing service from day one.

She understood my business and my needs within minutes and was able to suggest several ways to help that I hadn’t even considered.
She’s organised, committed, creative, and proactive which is everything we needed to help manage our excess workload.

Thanks to Erin, my team has been freed up sufficiently for us to focus on key tasks which I could never previously complete. I would certainly recommend BizzyBee to anyone who needs help managing their workload.

Michael White, 

Founder of PuppyFat - software for breeders

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Erin has a real can do attitude and is always ready to help with those admin jobs that you really don’t have time for but really need to get done.
Erin has completed tasks for me in super quick time, which always amazes me. She is conscientious and wants to help her clients succeed.
Erin exceeds at all things organisation and keeps up to date with the latest social media trends.
As a friend and client I am so proud of how far she has come since she started Bizzybee which shows what can be achieved with the right mindset and attitude.😘

Kaye McGowan - Physiotherapist

Erin is a delight to work with, I am so grateful to have her in my world! I need someone who understands how having ADHD impacts my organisational strategies in my business and is able to keep me on task - thank goodness I can now move forward with a really strong pair of hands supporting me.


She is that amazing VA who has such a great understanding of current industry knowledge in a great range of apps and platforms for online business owners. Social media, scheduling, calendar bookings, content creation, planning... I love how she is able to work with what I prefer and gives me tips too.Erin's insight and honesty combined with a real fun side make it a pleasure to tackle what are for me, tasks that often get put to the bottom of the list.


Mostly, she does what she says on the tin. Deadlines, tasks, anything on her list. It all gets done with an update to help keep my business moving forward and the bonus of checking in to see if I am ok... that is genuine care.I can't recommend her enough.


Erin is the type of person you want to keep to yourself she is such an asset!

Kate Latham - The Strategy Success Lab

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I've been searching for a VA for over a year and struggled to find anyone who could provide what I needed, so it was a massive relief to find Erin! I had started to feel like I was constantly spinning too many plates and my business wasn't really moving in the direction I wanted.


I felt overwhelmed with client work and then neglected everything else that I knew I needed to do to make sure my business was fulfilling and evolving. I'd also started to feel frustrated with all the extras that came with running a business, such as social media posting and sharing my creative projects on my website. I love creating and coming up with ideas but often ended up half finishing or wishing I'd shared my thoughts but giving up as it felt like way too much work!


Erin has helped with all this and more. I feel my general marketing is being looked after and my future ideas feel supported as Erin is super versatile (and incredibly speedy and efficient, too!). She also has suggestions and can turn her hand to anything! As a creative, it's a breath of fresh air to feel so organised. Erin has an amazing system, and I can now focus my energy on the things I love doing in my business.

Charlotte - Creative Wilderness


Erin and Bizzybee, has made my life so much easier over the past few months.

I run a social enterprise that has slowly grown over the years and over the past 6 months, I have been overwhelmed with the amount of admin tasks and keeping 'on top' of everything. I reached our to Erin in need of help and she has been incredible!

My emails are now organised and I work to a complete new strategy in terms of keeping my emails organised, Erin supports on website/blog posts and hopefully will be taking on a social media role within the company in the not to distant future.

Everything begins with trust and Erin and Bizzybee have mine!

Krish Patel - Tales to inspire

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Erin has been such a gift for my business, which in turn has rippled out into my personal life, as systems are beginning to take place and organization is happening, meaning I can actually enjoy downtime.

Erin goes above and beyond, her timekeeping and value for money on the speed that she works is amazing!


Erin is authentic, approachable and affordable


Erin I appreciate YOU

Sam Wilson - Pause:School of meditation & healing


Erin saved me.


I was drowning in unanswered emails and things to do.


Erin helps me organize my communication, giving me time to put my energies into creative projects.


She has so many helpful hints and tips that she often shares, which streamline my work life.


I'm very happy to have found her!

Ellie Land - Animation Director

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I knew I needed some help with my social media - to make it happen.


When I started researching, the very first name that hit me was Erin, Bizzy Bee Bolly.  Then I wasted 3 days researching some more and coming back to Erin.


It’s the best decision I have made in a long time.


Erin is everything and more that you expect in a Creative VA.  It would be remiss not to call her Absolutely Fabulous.  She has taken a huge weight off my mind with her organisation, prompts, image creation and all round amazing ability to make things happen.  And just like that my social media engagement has started to grow.


If finding someone to help with your Social Media is on your to do list, don’t waste time - sign Erin up today and then make the most of all the valuable time that she saves you.

Tracey Baxter - The pink Copywriting Agency

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Erin @bizzybeebolly is absolutely worthy of the nomination for @digital1woman awards. 


Erin makes you accountable, but in a pleasant, non-pushy way!


She is super friendly and really down to earth. I love that sometimes she’ll message me while walking the dog, but won’t hide that fact (because that’s just life), other times she’ll be on a mission to get my work done and be pinging me reminders and questions left, right & centre! 


Erin likes to just get on with stuff, give her the information and watch her run with it. I work in the same way so it’s a perfect match. I like a laugh when I’m working with someone and I want to feel like they are on my team….Erin is my cheerleader! 

Jen - The Massage Sanctuary

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I started working with Erin this September and she has transformed my life.

I was getting bogged down with planning my social media every day.


Erin now organises and schedules all my social media a month ahead.


She has organised all my content and actually has looked at it with a fresh pair of eyes.


She is a real asset to my business, and I don't know how I survived without her in my life before.


If you are looking for a VA who is friendly, efficient and generally all round awesome, then please get in contact with Erin.

Sarah - Connective Learning


I don’t know if Erin will ever understand just how much she has helped me.


I was literally drowning under business pressure, family life, working and studying. She has been the light that I needed.


Erin goes out of her way to ensure I am staying on track and is amazing at sorting all my scheduling out for me and it has taken a massive stress from my already busy life.


Thank you so so much! No idea what I would do without you! 

Simone - Wood & Woollen Wonders

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Erin at Bizzybee is A class-amazing!

She is organised, creative and a lovely human being. Sounds simple but you do need someone who cares and has a nice personality if you need business support.

Not only that her social media content is creative and so helpful. She has helped me out of my comfort zone and kept me accountable.

Don’t hesitate to work with Erin - she goes above and beyond for you.

Angela Lyon - Lyon Creative

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Erin has been a pleasure to work with!


Nothing has been too much trouble! I can tell she instantly understood my brand and the message I was trying to convey. She is so helpful and has such a creative eye.


She works tirelessly behind the scenes to make everything seamless and easy.


I couldn’t have launched my website without her and she’s overseen and planned every last detail!


All of the jobs I simply don’t have time for, have been taken out of my hands by Erin.


I trust her with my brand and she is amazing!


Thank you Bizzy Bee!

Lauren Stout - Photographer

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Erin is brilliant!


Her skill set is so wide and varied that she can help with various tasks.

She works quickly and efficiently, alongside clearly communicating when required. 

I would highly recommend Erin to everyone. 

Alice Hare - Brodiere Floral

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Erin was instrumental in helping us build an efficient outbound call process at Raindrop.


She was very responsive to any query we had, and a fast learner demonstrated by her ability to adapt to the multiple changes we made to our nascent processes on a regular basis. Her phone manner was impeccable, and she succinctly communicated the outcome of the calls which helped us focus on the most important parts of our business.


Erin’s suggestions on how to improve certain elements of our business were also invaluable insights.


I would strongly recommend Erin to any business!

Matthew - Myraindrop pensions

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Erin has been essential in helping me organise my website and getting my business on the road to success.

She is knowledgeable in a great number of areas and I feel reassured having her backing me up. I know that I can count on her speed, diligence and enthusiasm.


She is that extra pair of hands that sole traders often lack.

I foresee working with her long-term on a number of projects.

Wanda Coyne - Wanda Coyne collections

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What can I say!


Erin is not only amazing at everything she does, and she can do a lot of things! But she also has brilliant ideas and really understands your business not just tick boxes and ‘get the job done’


BEST VA ever!

Natalie Trusdale

I can’t recommend Erin enough I recently contacted Erin to get some help with making reels on Instagram. Her guidance and advice were incredible and have enabled me to further my skills on Instagram.

If you are looking for help/training Erin is your lady!

Katie - Feather Lettered

Erin is a STAR! 

I would be lost without her, I am the most disorganised person when it comes to some of the marketing that I need to be doing in my business but Erin is always there to act as huge support but preparing my newsletters for me.

Even when I have a crisis with my website and I don't know what I am doing with my tech she knows exactly what to do. 
So I am eternally grateful for her.

My Scented Home

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Over the past few months, I’ve been drowning & was achieving not a lot.

I’ve had to admit defeat & ask for help if I wanted my business to continue to grow.


In swooped Erin Buck, who has been working with me for 2 months & has made such a huge difference.

This woman is just amazing; firstly she gave me a kick up the arse to hand over some work, created a monthly launch schedule for my new product & has created all my graphics for the launch the next month.


I did find it a tad difficult to let go ( I love being in control ), but I can honestly say it’s been the best thing ever.


I’ve achieved more this week because I have support in other areas of my business.

If you’ve ever thought of getting a ‘wonder woman’ like Erin, I can highly recommend it.

Lisa Talbot - Award winning Personal Stylist

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