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The virtual assistant for creative businesses

You have a unique and brilliant idea, and you want to get on with it. Sometimes managing your business can stop you from doing this effectively. BizzyBee is a virtual assistant that helps you run your creative business so you can spend less time on admin or social media and more time doing the work you love.

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What Can Bizzybee Do For You?

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Why Are People Buzzing About Bizzybee?

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Erin from Bizzy Bee has been a real lifesaver; in fact, I wish I had met her sooner.
As a one-woman band, it's often difficult for me to have eyes on every aspect of my business. Erin has changed this and has become the second pair of eyes and hands that I need to keep me on track, speed up processes, and get back to doing the more creative tasks within my business.
Before I felt overworked, bogged down in my email inbox and behind on everyday tasks within my business. Since Erin has come aboard, I feel like I have someone to lean on and I know she's always there to take stuff off my plate and take the pressure off.
I feel so much lighter, thank you, Erin.


Erin has provided an amazing service from day one.
She understood my business and my needs within minutes and was able to suggest several ways to help that I hadn’t even considered.
She’s organised, committed, creative, and proactive which is everything we needed to help manage our excess workload.
Thanks to Erin, my team has been freed up sufficiently for us to focus on key tasks which I could never previously complete. I would certainly recommend BizzyBee to anyone who needs help managing their workload.

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Erin has a real can do attitude and is always ready to help with those admin jobs that you really don’t have time for but really need to get done.
Erin has completed tasks for me in super quick time, which always amazes me. She is conscientious and wants to help her clients succeed.
Erin exceeds at all things organisation and keeps up to date with the latest social media trends.
As a friend and client I am so proud of how far she has come since she started Bizzybee which shows what can be achieved with the right mindset and attitude.😘

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