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Dealing with your day to day

  • Diary/calendar management including organising your schedule, making appointments, and timetabling meetings.

  • File management using Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

  • Data entry.

  • Organising cloud files.

  • Creating templates and forms.

  • Ordering & arranging delivery of supplies.

  • Arranging the collection and delivery of products to clients.

  • Travel planning & booking.



Putting You Ahead of the Competition

  • Respond to customer queries via phone or email.

  • Returning phone calls on your behalf.

  • Checking voicemail and responding where necessary.

  • Troubleshooting customer problems.

  • Tactfully handling customer complaints.

  • Recording a list of customer problems & complaints so as to create a list of the most common.

  • Responding to reviews both negative & positive.

  • Creating a FAQ section for your customers.

  • Collecting testimonials from previous clients.

  • Following up with every customer who has purchased a product or service.

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Putting You Ahead of the Competition

  • Detox your email inbox

  • Organise your inbox with folders and tagging.

  • Set up contact lists and specific target groups.

  • Prepare & schedule regular emails.

  • Deal with spam & redundant subscriptions.

  • Creating & sending Greeting cards, thank you cards, and invitations to clients.

  • Establishing follow up emails.

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Using my time instead of you using yours

  • Research programs & resources.

  • Project research

  • Hashtag research

  • Travel research

  • Event research

  • Keyword research

  • Product research

  • Product price research

  • Rebranding your business research

  • Fact-checking

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A 1 hour tutorial in the subject of your choice.

Are you struggling to understand areas that can help your Social Media?

In a 1:1 Bizzybee Tutorial you can choose an area you would like to learn about. Ask questions, learn new skills and gain the confidence to take control of your Social Media presence.

Some options are:

  • Learn the general basics of Social Media.

  • How to have an online presence for your business.

  • The basics of Instagram/Facebook

  • Learn the basics of apps such as Canva.

and more

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A minimum of 1 hour

After the first hour, my time is measured in 15-minute increments.
No long term commitments

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10 hours - £18 per hour

Paid at the beginning of the work, you will be entitled to 10 hours of VA time.
At the end of the 10 hours, you will be given a detailed timesheet so you can see how your hours have been used. You can then decide to buy another package.
(Please note that each package must be used within 3 months from the date of purchase.)

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20 hours - (£16 per hour)

Paid at the beginning of the work, you will be entitled to 20 hours of VA time.
At the end of the 20 hours, you will be given a detailed timesheet so you can see how your hours have been used. You can then decide to buy another package

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Getting You off the Ground

I can help with projects/tasks whether they are short or long-term, one-off, or continuous. 
I am happy to have a chat, free of charge,  about your needs, and agree on an appropriate price.

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What My Clients Say about Bizzybee

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Erin from Bizzy Bee has been a real lifesaver; in fact, I wish I had met her sooner.

As a one-woman-band, it's often difficult for me to have eyes on every aspect of my business. Erin has changed this and has become the second pair of eyes and hands that I need to keep me on track, speed up processes, and get back to doing the more creative tasks within my business.

Before I felt overworked, bogged down in my email inbox and behind on everyday tasks within my business. Since Erin has come aboard, I feel like I have someone to lean on and I know she's always there to take stuff off my plate and take the pressure off.

I feel so much lighter, thank you Erin.

Courtney Farrow - Founder of Bloom creative




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Hi, I’m Erin Buck, I am the owner of Bizzybee and your own remote personal assistant.

After beginning my family, I started a career in education. I loved my job, my skills fitted well and I quickly rose up my grade scale until I had reached the highest I was able to go when an accident changed it all.

In 2016 I had back surgery,  It involved rehabilitation and I decided I needed to change the career I had for my health so I found something I loved and created my own business.

My business involved dog boarding and day care, but there was a lot more involved than just dogs. My administrative tasks needed to be done which included  creating all relevant documentation and records from scratch, filing, invoicing, advertising and marketing and much more. I am glad to say my business thrived and soon I was turning people away as I reached my capacity. I really enjoyed setting up the business from being with the dogs, the research and the administrative side.

Sadly, due to my back it was decided that walking and physically caring for the dogs was too much and I had to close. I am a determined indiviual and not working is not something I will consider so I thought about other things that I excel at and enjoy and it brought me to today.

I have a passion for organising and I want to bring that to you whether it is within your business or your home life. The work I do for you will relieve your stress, give you more time to work on more productive tasks, or even to spend it with family. 
I can improve your efficiency and assistance only when you require it.

Based in Bollington, Cheshire, I work either remotely from my office at home or locally on-site, depending on my clients’ needs. I pride myself on being approachable, conscientious, reliable, extremely organised, and discreet, . So whether it’s emails, phone calls, research, web content, or anything else, you can consider it done.

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If you have any questions, topics or tips you would like to see in future newsletters please send me a message from this page 

14 Lowther Street, Bollington, Cheshire SK10 5QQ

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