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The Best Holiday Marketing Hacks for the Festive Freelancer

The holiday season is not just about chestnuts roasting on an open fire; it’s also the perfect time for small businesses to shine bright like the lights on a Christmas tree! As a small business owner, you’ve got the unique advantage of offering personalised, heartwarming experiences to your customers. And with the right holiday marketing strategies, you can ensure your business jingles all the way to success. So put on your Santa hat, and let’s dive into some merry marketing ideas!

Seasonal Social Media Spruce-Up:

A photo of a christmas to the side and a close up of white baubles

Give your social media profiles a holiday makeover. A sprinkle of seasonal cheer on your banners, profile pictures, or posts can attract clients who are in the holiday spirit. Share your holiday work schedule, maybe talk about how you celebrate the festive season, or simply spread cheer with festive posts. Don't go over the top, though; a dusting of Christmas cheer can be good, but too much can become annoying.

Holiday-Themed Content:

Create and share holiday-themed content but make sure it resonates with your audience; you don't want to be getting all excited playing Mariah Carey, if your audience hates her. It could be a blog post, a video, or a podcast episode filled with holiday tips, stories, or even a roundup of your achievements in the past year; share your joy!

Personalised Holiday Greetings:

Erin, founder of Bizzybee virtual assistance services with a bizzybee christmas hat

Send personalised holiday cards or emails to your past and current clients.

A warm, heartfelt message can reignite connections and keep you in mind for future projects. It’s also a lovely way to express gratitude and spread holiday cheer.

Showcase Your Work in a Festive Light:

Update your portfolio with a festive touch, showcasing how your services can be beneficial during this season. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, display some holiday-themed designs. It’s all about connecting your skills to the seasonal needs of your potential clients.

Host a Virtual Holiday Networking Event:

Invite clients, fellow freelancers, and other connections to a virtual holiday networking event. It’s a cosy way to build relationships, share experiences, and celebrate the year’s achievements, all with a cup of hot cocoa in hand but don't worry if you are not confident enough to host one; there are plenty of memberships and groups that do, like Being Freelance or InclUSion, so why not tag along and join someone else's.

Collaborate with Other Freelancers:

Freelancers all putting their hands into the middle to show they are collaborating

Team up with other freelancers for holiday projects or promotions.

It’s a merry way to expand your offerings, reach a wider audience, and foster a supportive freelance community. Simples.

Set Up a Holiday Referral Program:

Encourage referrals by setting up a holiday-themed referral program. Offer a small discount or a freebie to clients who refer new business your way during the holiday season. This could really help if you normally find the festive period a quiet time for your business.

Plan Ahead and Share Your Vision:

Share your plans and vision for the upcoming year with your audience. It’s a way to build anticipation, receive feedback, and kickstart the new year with a community that’s engaged and excited about your freelance journey.

So there you have it, with twinkling lights guiding you and these holiday marketing hacks in your stocking, you’re all set. So, go ahead, deck the halls of your freelance business, and may your holiday season be merry, bright, and incredibly successful!

Get support

Wondering how to implement all these fantastic ideas? Ask for help! Remember, you don’t have to do it all — outsourcing can lighten the load and improve your festive mood.

An experienced virtual & social media assistant like Erin at Bizzybee, will give you the help you need to focus on your marketing and improve your visibility this festive season.

Get in touch to have a chat and learn more.

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