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How do you start again?

Blog title How do you start again | Bizzybee virtual assistant

Last week I told the story of my career reinvention, and the reason for it, so this week I thought we should follow it with a ‘how-to’ and some steps to help you if you are feeling the struggle to find your identity and have a need to reinvent.

So you have reached that stage, what is it for you? Do you hate your job, it is too stressful? Do you want to work for yourself? This is where you need to take control of you, think deep and hard about where you want to go.

1. Look at the why

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Step number 1 is to look at why you want to reinvent yourself or your situation. Once you have figured out why you are feeling this way you will be able to see which opportunities you need to look for. Instead of looking into a dark tunnel, shine a light into it to see where to go. Your why reason is your torch.

2. Look at your skills

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Look at the different skills you have in all areas and write them in a list. Are there skills you don’t have yet but want to obtain? Do you need to go back to studying to get additional qualifications? There are many online courses available these days so it is quite easy to fit that extra qualification around your work. Don’t forget to list what you are capable of too, conscientiousness, problem-solving and being able to adapt are all important skills.

3. Look towards yourself

If you have mentally given up on the career you are in now, you might still be going to work but you are not getting any satisfaction from it or maybe something from outside has changed and your present career can no longer continue. This is the time to look inside yourself and reconnect with what brings you joy and meaning. Recognise what your strengths and passions are and try to use them to move forward. If you don’t know where to begin you could ask family, friends or colleagues to give feedback on your strengths as well as weaknesses and use it to help you find your path. Look at what your priorities are and how they will fit into your plan.

4. Look outwards

In this present climate of COVID, work-life for many people is changing and they are realising there is more to life than staying in a job they dislike or find unrewarding. They are reinventing their careers so that they can make a difference to others and themselves. Considering a new career path entirely that provides financial gain but also provides meaning will help you find career fulfilment. So invest in a little research to find what is out there, you might find something you never even considered possible.

5. The new you

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Over time technology has changed and progressed, and increasingly, your professional identity is being shaped by your online presence. It doesn’t matter your age or your experience; getting to grips with social media is a must-do for any new career. It will allow you to reach further out and increase your network with clients and fellow professionals. You are in control of the message you are sending out to the world, make your message reflect the ‘new’ you and make an impression on the right people.

6. Silence the biggest critic

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Who is your biggest Critic? Well, actually, It’s you!

You will possibly think about all the reasons why you shouldn’t be changing things, and why reinventing yourself is a bad idea. Things like:

  • I’m scared

  • I’m not qualified enough

  • I don’t know where to start

  • It is not the right time to take a risk

  • I am not brave enough

All these thoughts can eventually be ignored, and it is the difference between wanting to make a change and doing something to make that change happen.

Allowing yourself to believe it, you can achieve it.

Obviously, the reinvention journey is different for each of us; one person might just make a small change while the next person can have a complete career change. Reinventing your career is possible, but it is also important to stay relevant in today’s work environment. So get your pen and paper and start planning your future; you can do this.

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