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Don't Let Your Creativity Be Pushed Aside

Sitting across from Courtney Farrow, you can see a vibrant, charismatic woman with a love of colour, I mean, her hair is a fantastic burst of pink & green and her creativity just exudes from her.

She started working with my company, BizzyBee, nearly 2 years ago after I attended one of her presentations. It was during the covid lockdown, and she had been directed my way and a strong connection was created.

Courtney, who is she…

Courtney is a copywriter & technical author based in Hull, North Yorkshire. Originally from Lincoln, she attended the University of Hull for her history degree and fell in love with the Yorkshire coast so she never left.

She has always been a writer, starting a retro-inspired blog in her teens which she kept writing for through her A - levels and her university days. She worked with a lot of brands like Simplybe, Voodoo Vixen and the National Tourist Agency.

In her last year of university, she realised the skills she had honed through her studying and experience were directing her to a career in writing. With the popularity of social media and the continued growth of online content, she realised it was the perfect time to create her own business, Bloom Creative and never looked back.

Bloom Creative has grown into a successful copywriting business writing website copy, blogs, social media content, training resources and marketing with her many clients from the technology and software industry.

“I was juggling so many plates”

With her fast-growing business, Courtney began to experience burnout and became a little overwhelmed with areas of her business which were essential but not where her passion lay.

“I felt like I had to have eyes on everything all the time, and it was just me”

Every business owner sees their business as a very important part of their life. They work hard to make it a success and struggle to visualise someone else being able to complete the tasks within their business and Courtney was no different. She realised she couldn’t continue to work as hard as she was on her own, it was taking precious time away from the real reason she started her business in the first place.

“Creativity mode is completely different from admin mode, so switching between the 2 mindsets was taking up time and me away from what I loved”

How it began…

Courtney contacted BizzyBee, Virtual Assistant & Social Media Assistant services for a free, no-commitment chat but was still unsure what a Virtual Assistant was capable of doing and how they could help her.

She was open and honest about this and through the relaxed conversation, was able to highlight where she was struggling, what she wanted and subconsciously what she needed. By the end of the call, Courtney had been put at ease and was eager to give working with a VA a try.

“Before I talked to BizzyBee I wasn’t sure if I would hire a VA as I wasn’t completely sure what it would involve but when I spoke to Erin, I knew I had met someone that was going to help me.”

Over the last 2 years, Courtney and I have worked on processes and created a structure that helps keep Courtney aware of the tasks but allows her to pass them on so as not to overload herself.

She is able to stay in her creative mindset longer when working on her client’s social media content by delegating the scheduling aspect to her VA. This used to be quite time-consuming but is now free to continue creating.

She has been able to receive her invoices so she can assess them but then send them on to be labelled correctly and digitally filed on her OneDrive so that she can find and access them quickly and easily when needing them, especially helpful at the end of the tax year.

“I know there are ways to automate this process but that human touch of double-checking that they are correct, incorrect or missing is great as well as the accountability of having to deal with them in the first place.”

Research for her extensive content creation can be extremely time-consuming so having someone to read the industry reports, articles and make bullet points on the material she can use is a huge advantage.

But it doesn’t stop at just reading - having someone transcribe video content has allowed Courtney to save time and permitted her to concentrate on the core material without any distractions.

Courtney continues to discover ways to use BizzyBee’s services to help her so that she can grow her business, and keep her clients happy without exhausting herself.

When Courtney was asked what impact having a VA has made on her and her business, she replied:

”The effect has been massive, it has allowed me to focus on the part of my business I love which is the creative side as well as give me peace of mind that someone else is on my team, and is there to help me.”

Any advice for other Creatives…

“One thing that had held me back was I had the mindset that only I could do these things. However, through working with Bizzybee I have learnt to let go and trust someone else. My advice to other creative businesses and freelancers is to not let that mindset get in the way”

Whether you want to decrease your stress levels, or you wish to use your time more productively on the things you love, a virtual assistant could be a great addition to your team.

If you’re interested in learning more, why not get in touch? With excellent organisational and communication skills, BizzyBee is here to help relieve your stress and bring more balance and productivity to your business.


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