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What Virtual Assistants can do for a creative business

As a creative business owner, you know that wearing many hats is the name of the game. Chances are, you’re responsible for all aspects of your business – from marketing and bookkeeping to product development and funding applications.

Often, it can feel as though these additional tasks take away from doing what you love most – whether that’s crafting and creating or offering a service. But what if there were someone who could take some of those day-to-day tasks off your plate? A virtual assistant (VA) could be the perfect addition to your team.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about what virtual assistants can do for your business.

Manage your admin and emails

From Etsy listings to software subscriptions and client requests, running a creative business comes with a lot of admin.

A VA can bring excellent organisation and communication skills to the table, allowing them to handle clerical tasks with ease. They’ll keep your inbox clear, ensure your payments are all up to date and tie up any loose ends.

Crucial admin tasks your VA can help with include:

  • Data entry

  • Cloud and file organisation

  • Diary and calendar management

  • Scheduling and task prioritisation

  • Product delivery

  • Template and document creation

Boost your social media presence

As you likely know, social media is a vital part of running a 21st-century business. So whether you lack confidence with social media platforms or simply don’t have time to focus on them, a VA can take on the challenge.

A virtual assistant can help you create engaging posts, schedule them for you, and build your following. If you sell products on Instagram or Facebook, your VA can help you manage enquiries and sales, too.


Do you find yourself spending too much time on research? Whether it’s analysing market competitors or scouring the internet for a hotel to stay in after a networking event, a virtual assistant can free up time by carrying out the research for you.

Why not look for a virtual assistant with SEO experience? They can also help you find the best keywords to bring more traffic to your website.

Liaise with customers and clients

Communication is another key part of any small creative business. From appointments and bookings to detailing custom orders, a VA can handle client liaison so you don’t have to. They can schedule email newsletters, respond to client leads, manage any missed phone calls, and troubleshoot customer issues.

Lifestyle management

While a VA usually focuses on work-based tasks, they also understand that running a small business can impact your home life, too. From checking your bills to organising a gift delivery for a loved one’s birthday, your virtual assistant can make sure nothing gets missed.

Give you space for creativity.

A virtual assistant can be a great help for any small business – but particularly creative ones. Tasks such as admin, email management, and social media might be essential for the day-to-day running of your business, but they can mean you spend more time on the mundane bits and less time being creative.

By taking on these responsibilities, a virtual assistant can give you the time and space you need to ignite your passion and let your creativity spark.

Bizzybee: VA support for creative businesses

Do you find daily admin tasks draining? No matter what type of creative business you run, outsourcing these responsibilities to a VA allows you the time and space you need to focus on growing your business and enjoying every moment of it.

Erin at Bizzybee is an experienced virtual assistant and social media manager specialising in supporting creative business owners.

Want to learn more about Bizzybee services? Feel free to get in touch today.

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