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Tips for Onboarding Clients

Onboarding Clients is the process of welcoming new clients to your business and working with them to get on the same page, so you can start work as soon as possible. This is extremely important as the quality of your process can increase the chances of your client returning to you for more of your services or recommending you to other businesses. Having a procedure for onboarding clients is more effective as it makes the client’s experience easier and less confusing. The onboarding process focuses on the procedures after signing your clients. Therefore while your website navigation, access to information, and attracting new clients is very important, it’s not considered as part of the onboarding process.

Do Your Research

If you are working with brands or small businesses, do your research and find out as much as you can about them, their history and the field of work they are in. This information will be valuable when communicating with your client and a good way to show you’re passionate about working with them.

An Official Introduction

Make sure you welcome your client to your business and your team, with an introduction on both sides. During your introduction, tell them about your business and a little bit about yourself, showing the person behind your business. This information can make their experience a little more personal and memorable for them, while also helping to build a professional relationship with them too. At this point, let your clients know where and when they can contact you. Similarly, if you have a team working with you, introduce them and allow your clients to get to know each person who is going to be working with them.

Setting up a Schedule

This is a great way for you to set expectations for both you and your client. Your schedule will show any deadlines, halfway points, check-ups and meetings. You can also give deadlines to your clients if you need anything from them. This is an efficient way of keeping everyone on the same page, informed on each stage of the project and prevent any misunderstandings that may delay the finished product. There are even project management apps such as Trello, Toggl or Asana that can help to organise your time, set schedules and add another line of communication for you and your client.


Your client has come to you because they’re busy and need help from you. Therefore it’s so important that you’re keeping it simple for them. For example, E signatures are such a quick and easy alternative to printing documents, signing and scanning them. In most cases, going paperless is less time-consuming. Giving your clients instant access through an online drive is another way to save them time, or similarly using an app to share data will mean everything is in one place for them.


Your onboarding process should constantly be under review and searching for any improvements. The best way to do this is by getting feedback from your clients. Each and every one of your clients will be different, therefore you will learn something from each one and this will help you in the future when it comes to working with different clients, fields of work or industries.

There are many more different ways you can improve your onboarding process.

Your process will differ depending on your clients, industry and products. However in all aspects, you must consider; simplicity, efficiency and satisfaction.

Bizzybee, otherwise known as Erin, is a Virtual & Social media assistant based in Cheshire. She works with small/micro businesses and entrepreneurs. Being able to work remotely allows her to work all over the United Kingdom.

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