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Outsourcing, big business or not?

Myth: Outsourcing is just for the big guys

Are you a large business with a vast workforce on your payroll? Or a business with a decent revenue that allows you to outsource for an efficient workplace? No?

So, are you a solo entrepreneur, a small business with only a few employees or just someone making a go of their home-based business? Then outsourcing is not for you, right?


In this week's blog, we are going to talk about how outsourcing can be beneficial to all sizes of business big or small.

I don’t need to

“I don’t need to hire someone, I can do it myself and save money”

Are you saving money though? Or does it just seem like that? Take a look at the following example:

Rebecca holds a 1-hour training session and charges each attendee £10 with a possible 8 people attending. She can earn potentially £80 for 1 hour BUT she doesn't because this week she has to do some of her administrative tasks. She needs to design some social media posts, send an email out to all her customers, update her records, set up scheduled marketing posts, reply to email enquiries as well as fit time in for planning the training and facilitating it. For somewhere between £15-£20 she can hire a virtual assistant who does it. So in that hour, she earns £80, pays out £20 and still earns £60 when she would normally be earning nothing by doing the task herself. As you can see she isn’t saving herself any money at all.

What is outsourcing?

  1. (of a company or organization) to purchase (goods) or subcontract (services) from an outside supplier or source.

  2. to contract out (jobs, services, etc.): a small business that outsources bookkeeping to an accounting firm.


Outsourcing has been available for some time and is the perfect way for big businesses to use specific skills when needed without having to hire full-time employees. This way of doing things saves businesses a considerable amount of money by not having to provide sick pay, holiday leave or benefits and taxes. Outsourcing is great for large businesses but it doesn’t have to be just for them. Solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and home-based businesses can also benefit from using the same technique of hiring freelancers to do specific tasks. Hiring people to design a website, help you with marketing your product or business and even writing content for your social media marketing.

In any business, it’s important that you spend your time productively and in the best way possible. While it’s only natural to want to be in control in all aspects of your business, it is yours, after all, a one-person team can still benefit greatly from getting help with the smaller tasks. This is where a remote personal assistant or virtual assistant can be a good service to hire.

Finding the right person for the job is becoming more important because of the growing reliance on technology, how quickly technology changes and the ease of which we can get it.

What outsourcing can I do?

  1. Helping to design and create web content for your website or social media platforms. This can be a time-consuming job and less stressful if you have a place to start that you can build on, especially if websites are not your forte.

  2. Keeping your website fresh by updating it with news, uploading new photos, writing blogs so your product/ business looks up to date.

  3. Manage your social media business posts & stories. Uploading pictures, design graphics and scheduling posts, interacting with comments, interacting in your groups, using the algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites to allow your business to become more noticeable to potential clients/customers.

  4. Researching your competition, suppliers, future products or services you might want to provide.

  5. Virtual admin tasks like replying to emails, highlighting important correspondence you need to deal with, clean your inbox and file policies, invoices and other documentation.

  6. Edit videos you have created to promote your business or to give tips to your clients

  7. Organising the packing and delivery of any products you are selling.

These are of course just a few ideas and I am sure you would be able to think of more once you started. The good thing is most virtual assistants will be happy to help.

Why not give it a go? What have you got to lose?


Bizzybee, otherwise known as Erin, is a remote personal assistant based in Cheshire. She works with different kinds of businesses from small office-based businesses to solo entrepreneurs working from home. As a virtual assistant, she is able to work all over the united kingdom from her very own office.

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