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Do you have a VA niche?

A Virtual Assistant is more than a secretary, in fact, a VA can offer support in all aspects of your business, not just the administrative tasks. Outsourcing for extra help is not only a great idea to free up time, but also a good way to bring in new ideas and a fresh pair of eyes. As a VA, your knowledge and experience is everything, so where do you specialise?

Creative Virtual Assistant

Creative VA’s offer support in the more creative aspects of businesses. Their workload is endless and can help with a variety of different tasks such as:

Creating newsletters, writing blogposts/ copy, logo designs, product descriptions, social media content, editing audio/video/images, the list goes on…

A Creative VA can come in any shape or size and specialise in any area of the creative industry. Here are some examples of specialised Creative VA’s:

Podcasting VA, Writing VA, Graphic Designer VA, Editing VA, Pinterest VA, Product Management VA, Marketing VA

Hiring a VA to help with any of these tasks can improve a business and allow them to gain a perspective from someone with experience and who can offer valuable information and advice to a business.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Can help with the administrative tasks that need to be done but can take up a lot of time, such as:

Scheduling, correspondence, formatting documents, bookkeeping, organising data, inputting data on spreadsheets…


Hiring a VA will free up time to work on other responsibilities. A business may need more help in specific areas than others which is where you could hire a specialised Administrative Virtual Assistant:

Bookkeeping VA, Data Entry VA, Ecommerce VA, Research VA, Personal VA.

Marketing Virtual Assistants

Focuses on helping with any marketing tasks, such as:

Social media marketing, keyword searches, running ads, promoting content, creating content, researching your audiences and competitors…

Marketing a business can be time-consuming and a lot for one person to get their head around along with their other responsibilities, especially if they don’t have a marketing background. Therefore, hiring a marketing VA can save time and introduce someone who is experienced in marketing and can help grow the business even more.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Similar to a Marketing VA but focusing only on social media tasks such as:

Creating business pages on each platform, scheduling posts, engaging with

customers/audience, researching and keeping up to date with trends…

Social Media is essential for any business, it’s a free and direct line of communication with audiences and customers. Social media is a huge part of modern-day marketing, it’s a free resource, without it a business may struggle.

Technical Virtual Assistant

Is there for all your technical needs. You can’t be an expert in everything, and if you’re a bit of a technophobe then a technical virtual assistant might be the answer. A Technical VA can help with tasks such as: Writing code, updating software or plugins, website maintenance, setting up an email list…

Outsourcing for roles like this may be essential for the running of a business. These tasks can be difficult, time-consuming and stressful. If they are done incorrectly, they won’t work. That’s why for a small or new business a technical VA may be essential.

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