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Best Practices for Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant, your goal is to help your clients and ease their workload. A lot of the time this

will include your clients relying on you to complete crucial tasks for their business. That’s why it’s so important as a Virtual Assistant to have common practices that make the process of working with you simple and efficient.

Open Communication

Communication is very important for both you and your client. An initial meeting before you start working with each other is essential for setting up expectations on both sides. As every client is different, this is a great way to work out what works best for both of you. For example, some clients may prefer more regular meetings while others are more comfortable communicating through email and occasional meetings. This is also a good chance to introduce yourself, set boundaries and let them know where and when they can contact you.

A Good Fit

It’s important that you and your client are a good fit when working together. For example, if your client has different expectations of what services you are offering, then it can become more stressful for you and disappointing for them. It’s completely normal for some clients not to work out, in all industries, this can happen due to different morals or work styles. Working for yourself means you can make these decisions and avoid putting yourself in any awkward or uncomfortable situations.


As I previously said, the role of a virtual assistant is essentially making your client’s life easier, therefore it’s important that you are organised. Being disorganised can lead to missing deadlines or even losing information and data. Finding a way to be organised while organising someone else can be difficult, however, there are so many different ways you can make it easier. When it comes to organisation, it’s important to find what works best for you. Some people find visual planning to be more effective while others prefer more traditional methods. Find a system that keeps you organised, your client’s information separate and most importantly keeps all their information safe.

Access and Security

We now live in a world where most information is instant, and that’s what most people expect. Using online cloud storage is a great way to give your client instant access to the work you’re doing for them. It’s great because you can control what they can and cannot see and it’s a time saver as it avoids back and forth emailing on progress reports. Project management apps such as Asana, Trello and Microsoft Planner are another effective way to give your client instant access to information and keep them updated on your progress. These applications also allow you to track your time, time management is another essential practice when it comes to being a Virtual Assistant.

With easy access, another important factor is safety. Your clients need to feel safe and trust you with the information and data they are sharing with you. Therefore, if they prefer a specific data sharing or cloud service, it will make them feel safer (if you can), to use that while working with them. Cloud services or project management apps also add an extra layer of security as they automatically back up your files, keeping them safe from getting lost.


Bizzybee, otherwise known as Erin, is a Virtual & Social media assistant based in Cheshire. She works with small/micro businesses and entrepreneurs. Being able to work remotely allows her to work all over the United Kingdom.

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