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A Virtual Christmas gift

The seasonal Virtual assistant

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ well actually maybe it should be ‘Tis the season of too much to do and not enough time’! Can you relate to this? You wouldn’t be the only one.

For the small business owner, entrepreneur, and multi-tasking mums and dads, it is a lot more stressful than those warming carols make it sound. Getting everything ready for the holiday season can overload even the most organised of people both at work and at home.

December is a shorter month followed by an even longer January so getting things organised before you finish will help you enjoy those festivities more.

Luckily, there is a solution to help you prepare and survive that festive season.

1. Customer Support

A virtual assistant can free your time to deal with all those extra Christmas orders by dealing with customer enquiries, feedback, and processing orders. A Virtual assistant is usually quick to pick up new systems and can help keep your customer satisfaction rating high.

2. Festive Promotions

Even though business and most people wind down as they approach Christmas, you can still proactively encourage more sales by running a promotion or competition. This will be more work I hear you cry, but not really if you have a Virtual assistant to help. For example, they can help by setting up email marketing, promotional newsletters, social media campaigns, and keep an eye out for any queries people may have. They can be your eyes and ears on social media as well as making your promotion visible. It might be all you need to continue to be noticed and get those orders that will help during the quieter winter months.

3. Chasing invoices and payments.

We don’t want to think about asking people for money so close to Christmas, but no doubt you will have had a few clients that have themselves been overwhelmed and forgotten to pay and still owe you money. You don’t want to start your new year after all that joy by chasing people when you return so hiring a Virtual assistant that follows up with your clients and requests, in a sensitive and professional manner, takes away from you the stress and time that you would otherwise have.

4. Social media

While you take a break this year with your family, shutting down your business is not really a good idea. Social media works if you keep consistent, so continuing to post on social media platforms is something a virtual assistant can do for you. Having a clear plan is the key to success and the Virtual assistant can help with this from creation to implementation.

5. Emails & correspondence

Even though you may be planning to wrap things up and take time off over the festive period some of your clients may not do the same. It doesn’t look good to simply be ‘away from the office’ or ‘offline’. Emails still need to be answered, queries from clients dealt with and as mentioned in point 4 your social media should ideally remain active. Outsourcing to a Virtual assistant, who will keep things ticking over, and allow your business presence not to disappear while you get some well deserved R & R is a fantastic resource.

6. Christmas Newsletters

You have special deals you would like to promote, closing times and final ordering dates to let your clients know, news about the new year that you would like everyone to know about. Or maybe you just want to say Merry Christmas to all your clients/customers, then a Virtual assistant can help by creating and sending a special Christmas newsletter that you can send to them all.

7. Diary management through the festive period

December can be the busiest month for everyone from meetings, Christmas parties, ‘festive get-togethers’ to organise and attend both in your business and personal life. You will have to do this while also running your business day to day, where will you find the time?

Hiring a Virtual assistant to help book and plan your December diary can relieve a lot of stress.

In this time of Covid-19, it is also going to prove to be harder to source accommodation, travel, venues, and parties so using a Virtual assistant to do it for you can help save that headache you might normally have. By using the skills that they have, they can set reminders for your upcoming events, book venues, organise your own travel itinerary.

8. Gift Shopping/Christmas cards.

While you are fulfilling those Christmas orders or working with clients how are you supposed to find the time and energy to find gifts or buy and send Christmas cards?

Hiring a Virtual assistant to be your own personal shopper is a brilliant use of their skills. They have time to find gifts, by looking at many websites/businesses for clients, family, or friends with only a little specification of what you are looking for and your budget. They can also arrange the delivery and wrapping of the gifts! Think of that! No mountain of presents to wrap.

As well as gifts they can also create and arrange delivery of Christmas cards for you either electronically or by post. A Virtual assistant can source the cards, hand write personal messages and send them to ensure your clients, family, and friends receive them in plenty of time for the holiday season. If you are wanting to use the more environmentally friendly way of e-cards this can still be time-consuming and your VA can do it for you, leaving you free for those school nativities or client meetings.

9. Look to next year

When you are a business owner your time and focus are best spent on running your empire. This means as the year 2020 is drawing to a close you need to be looking to the potential and possible problems of 2021. How can you do that if you are getting bogged down with the mundane day to day tasks that are piling up as well as the festivities to plan and enjoy?

If you haven’t figured it out by now I will just say it plain and simple, you need to hire a Virtual assistant to take care of the building administrative tasks that would usually take your time. They can answer calls, speak to clients, email, and deal with enquiries, plan your January schedule of social media and client meetings. offload those tasks and leave yourself time to enjoy the season.

This Christmas, there is no need to do it alone. Look at Santa! Even he has his army of assistants to help when he gets too busy, so why not you?

So, on Christmas Eve 2020 why not put your feet up knowing that the cards are sent, emails are answered, jobs completed, gifts ready and there is only festivities, family & friends left to enjoy.


Bizzybee, otherwise known as Erin, is a remote personal assistant based in Cheshire. She works with different kinds of businesses from small office-based businesses to solo entrepreneurs working from home. As a virtual assistant, she is able to work all over the united kingdom from her very own office.

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