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24 Ways a Virtual & Social Media Assistant can make the festive season run smoothly for you and your

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the ways your Creative VA/ Social Media Assistant can help you get through this busy time. So here are 24 ways your VA can help you this festive season.

On the first day of Christmas, my VA brought to me…

1. Content planning

This is part of your Creative/ Social Media VA’s expertise; they can help you come up with ideas for your festive content.

2. Christmas Décor

Hang up your virtual Christmas decs. Your VA can temporarily add festivity to your logos, website design and social media.

3. Scheduling

Christmas is a busy time in both your professional and personal life. Make sure you have the time to enjoy this festive season too, your VA can help you schedule your time as well as your social media posts and content.

4. Delegate

Lighten some of your workload. For example, if you have any photos, audio or video that need editing before you post them or any administrative tasks that you don’t have time for.

5. Blog posts

You may want some more festive content and blog posts for your website, but not enough time to create it. Your VA can do this for you and even come up with some ideas so you don’t have to.

6. Social Media Takeover

Social media is essential but can be time-consuming. Your Social Media Assistant can take control of your social media to keep it updated while you’re busy with your Christmas rush and personal plans.

7. Season’s Greetings

Your Creative VA can help to create a Christmas message for your clients/customers, perhaps a Christmas card or email to show your clients/ customers how much their support means to you.

8. Giving Back

If you’ve had a successful year, you may want to give back to your clients/ customers. A great way to do this is by hosting a giveaway, you may also attract more traffic to your social media. Your VA can help you to organise and run this.

9. Christmas Trends

A great way to market your business on social media is by having fun and joining in on social media trends. For example, creating Instagram reels can be confusing and time-consuming, but they are great at bringing more traffic to your social media. So why not get your Creative VA to help you with this.

10. Christmas Captions

Christmas comes once a year; therefore you’ve got to take advantage and use your best Christmas puns and captions. Don’t miss your opportunity, your VA can help you reach your full caption potential.

11. Correspondence

Your VA can respond to any queries and messages through your email and social media and reply to any comments on your posts.

12. Ordering supplies and organising deliveries

If you are selling your own products, then Christmas will be a busy time for you. Your VA can help by making sure you have enough supplies to get through and have a successful festive season.

13. Christmas promotions and ads

Your VA can create festive promotions for your services/ products and help you to advertise them online.

14. Interaction

Your VA can set up some fun interactional social media stories to connect you with your customers/ clients or create an Instagram tag for everyone to get involved with.

15. Chasing up invoices and payments

Finish the year with no loose ends, your VA can chase up any unpaid invoices.

16. End of year newsletter

Celebrate your success, your VA can send out a newsletter, with an update on your year, your achievements and what’s next.

17. Plan for new year content

The January blues are real, and planning content during this time can be even harder. So, plan now, and be ready to brighten up everyone else’s January. Again, this is your Creative VA’s expertise, let them help you. They can also prepare you for the New Year by:

18. Updating all website/social media privacy policies

19. Changing up your social media/website aesthetic to something new

20. Help get you started on New Year projects

If you have a new project in the New Year, your social media VA can help you by setting up any social media accounts or pages for it.

21. File management/ clearing up emails/ messages

Your VA can help you clear up your files and emails ready for a fresh start. This is a great way to start your New Year.

22. Get organised for the New Year

Christmas comes around so quickly, your VA can help to organise your January so when it comes around it won’t feel so overwhelming.

23. Chase up customer reviews

Start the New Year with some positivity by having your VA share some Christmas spirit and send out review requests for your product/ services.

And finally,

24. Help you enjoy your Christmas

Your VA can free up your time so you can spend it enjoying the festive period. Creative VAs and Social Media assistants are there for you, especially in times like these, so use their services to your advantage so you can successfully run your business and enjoy Christmas.

You can have both!

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