How I can help you.

Social Media Planner

As a business, you are struggling to plan ahead for your social media presence, which is a vital piece of free marketing. You are overwhelmed with finding new content and visual ideas for your posts.

Bizzybee can give you a monthly plan presented in an easy to read format. It is bespoke to your business and includes prompts, visual ideas and special dates of the month

Customer Service

While running your business you have realised that quite a lot of your time is taken up with reading & replying to emails. This is taking you away from the actual core work of your business or it is eating into your free time.

Bizzybee using a system, agreed by you, can answer enquiries, feedback requests, complaints, set up mailing lists and follow up emails to give your customers brilliant customer service.

Website proofreader and tester

You have a new business website that you have created or has been created by another company but you would like to see how your customers/clients will find using it. 

Bizzybee can walk through your website giving you feedback on what works well and outlining any issues that need addressing.