Client Testimonials

1:1 Training


I can’t recommend Erin enough I recently contacted Erin to get some help with making reels on Instagram. Her guidance and advice were incredible and have enabled me to further my skills on Instagram.

If you are looking for help/training Erin is your lady!

Katie - Feather Lettered


I demonstrated to Erin what it was I was aiming to achieve with my platforms in the near future with a mood-board of my ideal aesthetic. Erin and I then discussed my recent content and brain-stormed plenty of new content ideas moving forward. Erin had already taken some time to collate some content suggestions ready for our call which really got the creative, inspiring juices flowing!
I came away with some great ideas, and inspired to think of more options. The follow up email was also great to just confirm all wed spoken about and have written down

Danielle Jensen - Yensen Studio


I met with Erin as I was struggling to find the right words for my website. As she knows me and my teaching style I thought she was the best person to kick my bum and help me get it finished. 
Erin helped me to create content and had some amazing ideas.

I am relieved, I know that sounds strange but the stress of getting something so simple done to many was a bit issue for me. As I’m dyslexic the written word really isn’t my thing. So having a friend and professional in Erin was great to bounce ideas off, and get written down what I actually wanted.

Carolyn Thorpe - Off Leash


Erin understood my quandary - running 2 businesses and finding tech a new Challenge.
She understood my needs.
Clearly outlined the structure of our 1-2 1 session beforehand.
Was Calm, patient, clear, helpful and very kind in sending more materials following our session.
She was very personable, and didn't make me feel I was asking silly questions!!!

Carolyn Greenhalgh


Quite honestly, liberated and very supported. SM scared me and now I have a plan!
I genuinely loved my session. I've spent a lot of money and taken many classes in SM but still walked away feeling like I didn't have a plan to execute and still feeling alone and left to my own devices so I continued to carry on winging it with no real plan. I now have an actual spreadsheet to work from and all the relevant information to make my posts work with the hooks and CTA sheets which are amazing. You listened to what I was struggling with and you helped me put a plan together and made me feel like I've got this. And thank you for even showing me how the spreadsheet works.

Jenny Barling


An informative, inspirational session where I could take action straight away
I am excited to be ready and try out the information.
I now have a greater knowledge and so pleased.

Lisa Talbot


Erin gave a good overview of how to use tags and gain followers on Instagram. I will now go away with lots of ideas that I can try.



Erin's session was easy going and an informative discussion. All my questions were answered.
I feel more familiar with the platform, particularly reels.

The Seaglass Company